1-1 Coaching Program


Be a confident, calm, resilient and happier leader that inspires your team to thrive and shine even during times of stress and change.

A very special one-on-one tailored coaching program for only 10 Leaders per year.

Delivered remotely for most time zones and busy schedules.



  • Having more energy every day because you have learned how to focus on what is important rather than what isn’t
  • Being able to make good and logical decisions that are not reactive
  • Having confidence in your abilities to deal with difficult people while supporting those who are on board
  • Having clarity around what is important to you and how to go after it
  • Integrating your own mind-health program that is going to keep you resilient and mentally fit where your negative voice is no longer pushing you around
  • Feeling reconnected with the people you care about the most
  • Enjoying better sleep, better relationships, better overall health
  • Feeling excited about your future.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that no matter what is thrown your way, you have the confidence and skills to sail through any high seas and bad weather, and bring your crew with you. Most days you will achieve what is important to you, but even if you don’t, you will have a new way of working with your internal negative self-talk so that it doesn’t push you around or lead to over-drinking, overeating, or taking it out on those around you. You will be a leader who is able to stay connected to your values and purpose, and inspire others, while also having time to take care of your own wellbeing – you will be a happy, healthy leader.

If you have a number of Leaders or Leadership team, we could recommend you first consider this introductory workshop which will give you the opportunity to learn more about this unique program. 


The HAPPY HEALTHY LEADER (HHL) PROGRAM is built on practical strategies based on scientific evidence which aims to provide short- and long-term sustainable change. In this program you are going to be taken through the 7 step HHL framework that will transition you to being a happy, healthy leader.

Step 1 – Where are you now?

In step 1, we will explore where you are now in relation to where you would like to be. We will look at what factors are currently getting in the way of you being a Happy Healthy Leader, but also what supports and resources you do have that will help you

Step 2 – When your mind overheats

In step 2, we will do a deeper dive into what you do that sets you off course and towards unhealthy and unhappy leadership. This can involve external factors such as other people, market forces, pandemics, even the weather itself (global warming, floods, bushfires, etc.). I will also help you understand your internal compass – that is, mindset, stress and negative self-talk – so that you can begin to develop a new way of navigating these when they show up (because the reality is, they will).

Step 3 – What’s your destination?

In step 3, you will learn how point the compass towards what is important to you by clarifying your values and goals. We will also identify some more immediate goals for you to get some value and quick wins as we work towards your longer term goals.

Step 4 – A map to guide a healthy mind

In step 4, you will be introduced to the first of two key tools that are going to set you on your course to being a happy, healthy leader. This particular tool, the Matrix, is based on psychological science and has been a game changer for many leaders by helping leaders get team members back on the boat and making it clear who is not on board. This tool will also help you set healthy work boundaries.

Step 5 – Your lifeboat: Mindfulness

In step 5, you will be introduced to your second tool, which is going to be your lifeboat for when ‘bad weather’ arrives, such as unexpected change, bad performance and negative feedback. It will also be your kryptonite for negative self-talk. Mindfulness is not just another Eastern fad, and there is way more to it than just sitting in quiet reflection. Your team is going to love this one, too.

Step 6  – Being a happy, healthy leader

In step 6, you will be set up for success by developing your 10-year happy, healthy leader plan, which includes your key values and goals. You will also see how easy it is to apply your two new tools in the short and long term. My clients love this practical step.

Step 7 – Bon voyage!

In your final step, before you set sail as a HHL, you will be prepared for any bad weather ahead that may set you off course from your 10-year plan. You will finish the program harnessed with immediate steps you can do right now, which will set you off on your journey towards being a happy, healthy leader.

Need something else? We can tailor a program for you. GO HERE


12 or 18 month program

Programs are tailored to the Leader’s unique goals. Sessions focus on these unique goals using the above framework as a guide to achieve these. 

  • Pre-assessment which may included 360, personality, wellbeing metrics.
  • Agreement on goals which may or may not include Board, CEO or other organisation representative.
  • Sessions are 1 – 1.5 hours (video or in person)
  • Typically meeting every 3 – 4 weeks
  • Agreed actions or assignments to commence and some to be completed before the following session
  • Mid-point review which can be with your “Manager”.
  • Email and phone support in between scheduled sessions
  • Post assessment review at conclusion of program

FEES will vary depending on number of leaders and length of program and provided to you following a free information call. Link below. The below are approximate range of fees. 

  • 8 + Leaders – $12-14K per person, paid on monthly basis.
  • Individual Leaders – Starting at 22K + GST. Monthly and quarterly payment options available.
  • Non-for-Profit organisations will receive a significant discount on approval.


  • Skills and confidence to have difficult conversations with positive outcomes
  • Manage stress effectively and improve resilience
  • How to engage team, even during times of stress, change and frustration to achieve important goals
  • Understand how to build trust with Executive and Board, leading to faster goal achievement
  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Skills and confidence to build important professional networks for future opportunities
  • Improve skill to receive and give feedback to Leadership team/s
  • Increased accountability for behaviours, actions and outcomes
  • Clarity regarding values, purpose and short and long-term goals
  • Skills and clear strategy of how to overcome obstacles
  • Clear 10 year plan of your long term Executive career
  • A strategic 5 and 10 year plan linked to specific 30 and 90 day goals