As we know, the only constant is change. So the challenges a leader will face can never be predicted. Margie brings a wealth of experience as a psychologist, coach and author helping to inspire leaders build better teams. As a speaker she brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm. As well as the warmth and compassion of a trusted friend.

Annastacia Palaszcuk


“As we know, the only constant is change. So the challenges a leader will face can never be predicted. Margie brings a wealth of experience as a psychologist and author helping to inspire leaders build better teams. As a speaker she brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm. As well as the warmth and compassion of a trusted friend.”

Annastacia Palaszcuk


Leadership Coach | Psychologist | Workshop Facilitator | Speaker

For me being a highly experienced and professional speaker, means I expect to bring the best of me to every event. Delivering with knowledge, passion, experience, authenticity, and humour that inspires attendees to leave with new insight on how they can be their best.

In reality I have been engaging audiences since I was 15 years old. I wrote, directed and starred in my first play in my mid teens, while spending most of my out of school time in a youth theatre group.

My parents were not convinced that acting was a ‘real job’, which lead to a very different career, in Technology in Silicon Valley at the age of 19. I rode the wave of the IT boom, including setting up one of the first IT recruitment business, which lead to a highly successfully 15 year in Executive recruitment.

While, the need to engage audiences beckoned, leading to completing a certificate in acting in film and TV in my late 20s. I even appeared in a snippet from a TV series nominated at our national TV awards, The Logie Awards. However, by that stage I had become accustomed to earning a good living, getting ready to ‘settle down’ and 97% of actors were unemployed, so I needed to find new ways to tap into this passion for engaging people in a story or journey, that also paid the mortgage!

Also in my teens I developed a curiosity in what blocked people from reaching their potential, probably because I was struggling to find my way and purpose. I attended as many personal development seminars and courses I could get to, and ended up being one of the youngest people to be offered the opportunity to facilitate and speak at events that motivated people to be their best.

My ‘inner perfomer’ and curiosity in human potential ultimately lead me to become a registered psychologist, and have since researched leadership wellbeing, and what motivates leaders to reach their full potential. I wrote a book about it, and for the past 10 years have been coaching and speaking about it.

Today I motivate individuals, teams, organisations, industries and associations, to understand how they can create happier, healthy and gender-smart leaders and leadership teams.



As a Leader, there is no doubt you are navigating unprecedented challenges resulting in greater pressure and expectations, and fear you won’t succeed.

There is a way to navigate out of this storm, through 7 proven steps based on the neuroscience of how to be a Happy Healthy Leader.



The Happy Healthy Leader

Leaders are now required to adapt to a constantly changing landscape of global and local events, changes in policy that can put them and their organisation at risk, unforeseen change, sometimes unrealistic KPIs, all while balancing their own personal interests and passions. If they are unable to navigate these stressors, it can impact not just their performance at work, but their overall wellbeing.

Imagine waking up every day knowing that you and your leadership team know that no matter what is thrown your way, you have the confidence and skills to sail through any high seas and bad weather and bring your crews with you. You will be leaders that are able to stay connected to values and purpose, and inspire others, plus learn how to have time for your individual wellbeing – you will all be a happy, healthy leader (HHL for short) and leadership team.

The HHL key-note, workshop or webinar is based on my 7 step evidenced-based framework that results in happy, healthier leaders and leadership teams. 

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The Gender Smart Leader

In completing my dissertation on Leadership Wellbeing, I did a deep dive into gender differences, and I discovered some interesting facts and outcomes. Some many of us know, but navigate badly, while there may be some facts that will surprise you, and  your attendees.

Being Gender Smart, means all genders understanding what is common ground for all us, what isn’t, what to do about different so that we can bring all of us together with self-awareness, curiosity, and compassion. Creating a Gender Smart work place can be difficult, if you do not have an evidence-based framework that is simple for leaders to implement.

The Gender Smart Leader (GSL for short) inform with facts, and practical strategies, on why change is important to allow leaders to commit and act towards being a Gender Smart Leader.

Beat Burnout

In March 2020, the global community entered a 3-year period of fear, uncertainty, severe illness, loss, grief, massive workplace change and design, and much more to list here, causing distress.  Chronic distress (lasting longer than a few weeks or months) is known to be the key contributor to Burnout, and what the World Health Organisation deemed to be an occupational phenomenon.

Towards the end of 2022, I noticed a huge spike in Burnout amongst the Leaders I coached, and in doing further investigation found this to be a global problem. Some might argue this is due to the chronic distress of the pandemic finally catching up with us all. Burnout isn’t just a problem for the individual, it is now considered to a be a Psychosocial Hazard which can lead to big fines for organisations if not addressed.

Beat Burnout – is a 1 hour webinar, or key-note that will educate industry, associations, your leaders and people on what Burnout is, how it is different to stress, how to identify in themselves and others, and what to do about it.

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Something else?

If you are looking to cover all of the above topics in one event, or something a little different, that requires someone with my expertise, please reach out for a discussion on how I can customise a presentation for you. Email me directly with a summary of what you would like covered.


I have seen Margie present several times and each time I learn something new that I can implement immediately. Using funny anecdotes, she has everyone’s attention from start to finish.

Nerida TrappettCEO Rivers Insurance


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Beat Burnout

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The Happy Healthy Leader & The Gender Smart Leader

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I first listened to Margie at the LGAQ Conference last year and her presentation was engaging and very thought provoking for the large audience. She resonated well with the audience, her presentation was entertaining and interesting and I gained some great tips about creating and maintaining a healthy and productive mindset from her authentic delivery. I subsequently had some private sessions from Margie and found her warmth and approachable nature a pleasure to work with.

Cr, Cath TonksCouncillor Moreton Bay

Margie was an energetic and charismatic presenter who provided an insightful keynote. A lovely balance of informative content and her personal stories. Thanks Margie!

GuestMarch Event

All of us suffer with stress, just some of us don’t know it. Her 4-step strategy was a fun and practical way to deal with stress! A good way to end the conference.

Cr Jenny HillMayor of Townsville

Margie is a very engaging speaker who really connects with her audience. She has a warmth and authenticity which is rare and audiences leave feeling they have gained insights into themselves, and the people around them.

Caroline MorrisseyDeputy Director Diversity and Media Queensland Resources Council

Margie engages the room with informative, educational and practical frameworks, supported by real life stories, providing a platform for personal growth and enhanced performance.

Seth GrantleyCOO, Multicap


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