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If your leadership team is stuck, and you either don’t know why or how to get them ‘unstuck’  this program will move them out this cycle towards being a creative, strategic, unified team with a laser focus on results.  

They will be a Happy Healthy High-Performing Leadership Team.

This program helps CEOs, MDs, HR heads, and Boards see the problems they can't see.

If you are a CEO, MD, or Head of HR, who knows your or other leadership teams are not performing but can’t figure out why, this program will help you solve that problem.
Margie is a qualified Psychologist and Leadership expert, which means she can uncover what is hidden, and safely and effectively bring issues into the light that never go below deck again. 
This saves you, time, money, and unwanted turnover. 

Watch Margie explain the Happy Healthy Leader program.


The HAPPY HEALTHY LEADER (HHL) TEAM PROGRAM is built on practical strategies based on scientific evidence which aims to provide short- and long-term sustainable change. In this program, your leaders are going to be taken through the 7-step HHL framework 1:1 program and your executive leadership team will access the evidence-based same-page program. This will transition your individual leaders and leadership team/s, to being happier and healthier, leading to a high-performance culture that is sustained long-term.


Uncover any underlying issues impacting your ELT being on the same page

Assess the level of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and attention to results across your ELT

A new depth of trust within the team even during times of stress and change

Highly developed skills to have difficult conversations and healthy conflict amongst the ELT and with other employees

Leaders spending less time in operations, and avoiding or procrastinating, towards strategic thinking and action.

Leaders letting go of their need ‘to do’, instead delegating to their team.

No more gossip

Increased accountability and results at an individual and organisational level

A clear short- and long-term plan that keeps your ELT on the same page, even during a pandemic, adversity, and unexpected change

If you are looking to double, triple or even increase leadership productivity by 396%, find out how this works HERE. You can also find a recent Case study using this program HERE. 



Our experience is that change is hard, and unique to each individual within your team. Some people implement change immediately while others need time to assess, review, reflect, and implement. This is why our programs start at 12 months. The evidence so far suggests that visible change occurs between 12-18 months. Sustaining trust, accountability, and a high-performance and healthy culture, regardless of staff change, develops between 18-36 months.


The final fee will be discussed following a pre-program assessment session which will reflect the number of coachees and group sessions.

  • Project Fee: Based on the number of coachees.
  • Retainer Model: Highly effective for multiple coaching participants where flexibility and availability are required more often in and out of session. Most value in this model.

Can be discussed prior to commencement or at review point for budgeting purposes for the next financial year.




Book a discovery call to find out what is causing you the most time & frustration with your leadership team.


We provide you a proposal on how we can solve these problems for you.


Set a date for the Launch Event, which immediately gets your leadership team back on the same page.



Some positive feedback from Happy Healthy clients I’ve coached.
Click here to book a time to discuss how I may be able to help you.


Succeeding as a leader has little to do with title and everything to do with mindset. This is where coaching with Margie for all our leaders at BM_ has been beneficial. The coaching process has helped to identify and communicate core values, learn how to approach tough decisions, set performance targets high for ourselves and others in the team, expand self awareness, and pay attention to the self-talk. We’ve even learnt to start our leadership meeting with mindfulness. Margie has helped us as a team navigate that journey. I recommend her to any organisation on a pathway of growth.

Kerri MayGeneral Manager, Bickerton Masters Aug 2023

From our first session, it was clear that Margie was not just any coach. She has a deep understanding of the intricacies of leadership, from the psychological shifts required to the practical skills needed to lead a diverse team effectively. Through her coaching, I began to reflect on my approach, challenge my pre-existing beliefs, and adjust my mindset to be more aligned with my new role. Today, I lead with more confidence, clarity, and conviction, thanks to Margie.

Brooke MillsHead of E-Commerce, MxStore

Margie is very experienced in many professional environments. I have found her insight and support to be invaluable and have enjoyed the way Margie has challenged me to strive for more. I highly recommend Margie to anyone looking for executive coaching support.

Vanessa HillGeneral Counsel - Telecommunications at Ventia Pty Ltd

When coaching one-on-one, Margie creates a safe environment that is fully inclusive. Her coaching style is welcoming and structured. Holding us accountable is key to personal and team success and Margie does this in a very approachable way without compromising expectations.

Anna ChipperfieldHead of People & Culture @ businessDEPOT

Margie is brilliant at working with individuals to identify their passions and put in a plan in place to maximise their potential in any work situation. Margie is the best senior executive coach, because she gets results for the organisation as well as the individual.

Angela TillmannsPrincipal at RAZ Consulting

Margie is an exceptional coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. She is genuine and wants the best for you.

Scott DraperHP Coach Development @ Tennis Australia

Margie's approach is a good mix of pragmatism and innovation which helps deliver successful outcomes for people and business. I am continuously impressed with the long-term relationship approach Margie takes to support achieving the best all round outcomes.

Executive General Manager, HR

Margie’s program helped me think holistically about what is important. It gave me new insights into the critical things I need to look for in any role to be successful. Margie's commercial experience also showed through in her practical advice.

Jenny PurdieCEO, Resources

I have been fortunate to build an enduring professional association with Margie over the past 14 years. Margie’s cross-industry knowledge and experience, her considered and practical advice and unique ability to ask the ‘right’ clarifying questions at various change points in my career.


Margie is a wonderful person who provides great support and advice in career development and professional achievement. Her approach is innovative and effective. I highly recommend her.

Anthony QuinManaging Director Somerset International Australia

“Before I met Margie I lacked focus and did not have a coherent plan to achieve my goals. Following my sessions with Margie I feel that I have a clear pathway to achieve my goals that is flexible enough to respond to new challenges I experience along the way but is still robust enough to help me achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I couldn’t rate her more highly.

Fiona McDougallGeneral Manager – Work Winning, Ventia

Prior to my program with Margie I had a mindset that manifested into unproductiveness and dissatisfaction. Margie helped me identify what was causing this mindset, reframe my view, and allow me to become productive and satisfied again.

Seth GrantleyChief Operating Officer, Multicap

I was introduced to Margie by a friend who had recently made a successful corporate career step thanks to Margie. My interaction with Margie from that point on was gaining clarity regarding my values & purpose which resulted in a clear 10-year strategic plan linked to specific 30- and 90-day goals.

Sally CallieTriple Olympian & Educator at Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Margie is an incredible executive leadership coach who is truly passionate about the work she does. I highly recommend Margie if you are wanting to progress your leadership career and gain valuable skills to add to your professional tool box.

Rebecca BrewsterGeneral Manager Client Services at Rizon

We worked together increasing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and confidence to build important professional networks for future opportunities. I was surprised how quickly we achieved the goals set in the strategic plan. What made me a fan of Margie was her remarkable ability to hold you accountable to your values & purpose, but also to ask exactly the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately led to positive change. I attribute a lot of my success in gaining clarity & progression in my career to Margie.

Sally CallieTriple Olympian & Educator at Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Margie has been a great coach over the last 12 months, working with me to identify my strengths, set boundaries, find new thinking and ways of working, set short, medium and longer term goals and motivated me to take the steps necessary to be more successful and aligned. Her style was encouraging, engaging, and honest and she had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to share which was well grounded. I valued our time together and would recommend Margie’s coaching to other managers and leaders looking for both personal and professional growth.

Julia LawrenceExecutive General Manager Service Delivery, St Vincents’ Care Australia

Margie recently ran a workshop for the Multicap Group where 70% of our middle and senior leaders with agreed that this experience had provided them with clear insights in developing their leadership skills. We receive this type of feedback every time Margie engages with our leaders and is why we would recommend her and the services she offers. We have also engaged Margie for executive coaching on a number of occasions and she adds great value in that area as well.

Joanne JessopCEO, Multicap



As a Leader, there is no doubt you are navigating unprecedented challenges resulting in greater pressure and expectations, and fear you won’t succeed.

There is a way to navigate out of this storm, through 7 proven steps based on the neuroscience of how to be a Happy Healthy Leader.