More avoidance, procrastination, unhealthy conflict and deadlines not being met can be the red flags your Leadership team is no longer on the same page.

A break down in communication, trust, and resilience is often the underlying cause leading to and unhappy Leadership team, who are not on the same page.

Evidence from 360 research tells us, that you cannot hide an unhappy Leadership team from your people. Your people loose commitment, trust and enthusiasm to be their best.

When your Leadership Team is on the same page it can feel like magic and your people are re-engaged to be their best.

How does this program work?

  • Pre-assessment and identification of Leadership team issues and goals, and if this program is right for you

  • Program design and tailoring (typically 2-3 weeks)

  • Introductory workshop explaining the program and process (with key stakeholders or entire ELT)

  • Climate survey conducted pre-commencement (can be anonymous)

  • Commence individual and/or group coaching (pending program design) typically over 12-18 months

  • 90 day reviews of program progress

  • Climate survey conducted at completion of program

  • Review results of survey and other agreed data points to implement your “Leadership team Same Page Sustainability Plan”

See Case Study about this program


  • Understand the key issue leading to your ELT not being on the same page

  • A new depth of trust within the team

  • Highly developed skills to have difficult conversations and healthy conflict

  • Leaders spending less time avoiding  or procrastinating and “doing”

  • New skills to be a cohesive and resilient team during times of stress and change

  • No more gossip

  • Increased accountability and results at an individual and organisational level

  • A clear short and long term plan that keeps your ELT on the same page, even during a pandemic, adversity and unexpected change.

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