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Am I in Burnout? What are the signs?

Feeling tired and unmotivated after a break?
Dreading going back to work?
Drinking too much?
Feeling negative, indecisive or lacking confidence?

This could be stress or burnout, and there is a big difference between them!

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The Good News!

There are good and healthy ways of managing stress
and moving out of burnout.

Imagine what it would be like! You will:
Feel energised about your work and workplace
No longer be in a negative cycle about yourself and your work
Have a healthier relationship with alcohol
Be confident in your value and performance
Have 100% clarity on your short + long-term goals and how to achieve them

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There are bad or unhealthy ways of managing stress and burnout.

These lead to:
❌ fatigue that isn’t fixed with rest, 
❌ unhealthy conflict,
❌ always feeling behind,
❌ perceived as unapproachable and, therefore, not fully informed,
❌ bad mental health and overall wellbeing,
❌ unemployment.

There is also significant research that suggests that most leaders (approximately 90%) lack self-awareness of their impact on others. Stress and burnout often decrease a person’s ability to recognise their impact.

Burnout vs Stress

Understanding the difference between Stress and Burnout.

Why it is important!


Stress is something we all experience and is actually a healthy part of life.

Eustress is the ‘good stress’ that we feel when we are excited and engaged with a challenge. It is also what gets us out of bed in the morning to go to work, as we expect our hard work will result in being paid for it.

Distress is the ‘bad stress’ which develops due to a perceived (real or imagined) belief that we no longer have the resources, skills and support we need to do our work. If this continues over a long period of time, it can lead to ‘burnout’.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes burnout as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ and has been classified this way in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Burn-out is a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterised by three dimensions:

1. Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion;
2. Increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job
3. Reduced professional efficacy.”

(WHO, Dec 2023).

If you have been experiencing stress at work for some time, and relate to any of the 3 dimensions, you may be experiencing burnout.

How we fix this


We identify if you are in stress or burnout


Tailor specific strategies for you that build energy and resilience


Show you how to shift into a positive and healthier mindset


Give you tools to rebuild self-belief in your skills & abilities


Teach you how to build your networks, even the more difficult ones!

Your Plan

Start your Beat Burnout plan and go away with 1 year professional and personal goals you can achieve.

Delivered all remotely – Start now

5 x 1:1 sessions + intro session
Activities and strategies tailored to you
30 and 90 day plan to get out of Burnout
Tip sheets and resources

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Each program is limited to 10 people.

Client Testimonials

I recently completed Margie’s program and would recommend it to any leader at a roadblock in their career who is wondering how to make the right next step. Her program helped me think holistically about what is important in my life and understand where my work fits in. It gave me new insights into the critical things I need to look for in any role to be successful. Margie's deep commercial experience also showed through, in her practical advice.

Jenny PurdieAsset President, BHP

Margie was instrumental in helping 3 Senior Leaders (2 female) to rapidly enhance their confidence, personal brand, and how they engaged with executive peers and their own teams. Within a short period of time, the changes she was able to help leaders achieve was noticed by the CEO, executive team peers, and direct reports. What set’s Margie apart is her ability to build rapport quickly and use insightful, probing open-ended questions to help leaders to reconceptualise problems in an entirely different way.

Richard Smallcombeex General Manager, People and Capability, Rio Tinto

Before I worked with Margie I couldn’t articulate my plan and lacked confidence in my ability to lead. Margie is very honest and pragmatic with her advice, easy to talk to which makes it quick to establish a rapport. I now have clarity around my career plan, financial goals and more confidence in who I am and how to lead my team.

Tanya VianoLeader QGC Shell

Margie is brilliant at working with individuals to identify their passions and put in a plan in place to maximise their potential in any work situation. I have witnessed Margie successfully working with a number of senior executives and leaders to make their next career move, that better reflects their passion and effectively utilises their skill set. I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Angela Tillmannsprevious CEO

I was surprised how quickly we achieved the goals set in the plan. What made me a fan of Margie was her remarkable ability to hold you accountable to your values & purpose, but also to ask the right questions to elicit deep self-reflection which ultimately led to positive change. I attribute a lot of my success in gaining clarity & progression in my career to Margie.

Sally CallieTriple Olympian & Educator

Before I met Margie, I lacked focus and did not have a coherent plan to achieve my goals. Following my sessions with Margie I feel that I have a clear pathway to achieve my goals that is flexible enough to respond to new challenges I experience along the way but is still robust enough to help me achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I couldn’t rate her more highly.

Fiona McDougallGeneral Manager

I am so thankful for my time with Margie. She is an incredible leadership coach who is truly passionate about the work she does. I highly recommend getting in touch with Margie if you are wanting to progress your leadership career and gain valuable skills to add to your professional tool box.

Rebecca BrewsterGeneral Manager

From our first session, it was clear that Margie was not just any coach. She has a deep understanding of the intricacies of leadership, from the psychological shifts required to the practical skills needed to lead a diverse team effectively. Through her coaching, I began to reflect on my approach, challenge my pre-existing beliefs, and adjust my mindset to be more aligned with my new role. nToday, I lead with more confidence, clarity, and conviction, thanks to Margie. Her impact on my professional journey has been nothing short of transformative.

Brooke MillsHead of E-Commerce

Margie has been a great coach over the last 12 months, working with me to identify my strengths, set boundaries, find new thinking and ways of working, set short, medium and longer term goals and motivated me to take the steps necessary to be more successful and aligned. Her style was encouraging, engaging, and honest and she had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to share which was well grounded. I valued our time together and would recommend Margie’s coaching to other managers and leaders looking for both personal and professional growth.

Julia LawrenceExecutive General Manager Service Delivery


Is this program specifically for women in the mining and resources sector?


We have a group of women within our organisation who would like to do this program as their own cohort. Is this possible?

Yes! In fact we encourage you to get your own group together. Please email margie or book a chat to discuss how this works.

Can I do all sessions remotely? 

Yes, all sessions are designed to be delivered via zoom, for your convenience.

Do I have to make every session?

We understand that last minute things come up, and you may need to reschedule a session. As long as you provide Margie 24-48 hours notice, she is normally able to accommodate. And yes, to get the full benefit from the program, all sessions are required. Group sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

What payment options do you have?

Credit Card; Direct Debit.
There is also an option to make 3 scheduled payments.

I have a number of people who may be interested in doing this program. Do you offer corporate programs?

Yes. If you would prefer to create your own cohort, contact to discuss.

How do I get my employer to fund the program?

If you believe your employer will fund your program, you will need to email margie – She will explain next steps, so that you have the paperwork you need for approval.

I am in a different time zone to you, how would that work?

We can accommodate most time zones for 1:1 sessions, and will make best efforts so that you can join group sessions. These will also be recorded.

Is there a time limit to complete all sessions?

Yes, 3 months. Your first 2 sessions are likely to be booked closer together, typically within 2 weeks of each other. This is purposely an intensive program, where success is gained by the momentum of completing all sesssions within 3 months. We cannot guarantee outcomes if you do not attend all sessions.

What makes this program unique?

In safe hands with a registered psychologist and highly experienced coach
Proven evidenced-based program
Privacy and confidentiality
Faster results in 3 months
Specifically tailored to you
 Create your own 1 year goals be it personal or professional
Flexible access from home or work


Each group limited to 10 people only.

Ready to get out of burnout & book your first session?

Payment Options:

Credit Card; Direct Debit
There is also an option to make 3 scheduled payments.

Early Bird upfront:

$4500 (ex 10% GST)


Standard upfront:

$5900 (ex 10% GST)


Payment Plan:

3 x $2200 (ex 10% GST)


The Happy Healthy Leader - Beat Burnout
is a 7 step evidenced-based program solves this problem.

Here you will learn the following:

Assess if you are experiencing stress or burnout
Difference between exhaustion, stress and burnout and which of these you fall into
Identify and explore what strategies you are using that you need to throw out
The neuroscience of how to navigate stress and NOT let it impact your day and those around you to intervene with future burnout
How to identify if people in your team are experiencing burnout
Identifying your values and purpose and how to bring these back into your day to day and long-term goals
How to set important short and long-term goals and achieve them
How you can make a positive impact on all those around you, today, tomorrow and the rest of your life

Margie's Story

Why Us?

I have been where you are. I was burnt out. Juggling my work, study, raising two step-sons, and my close relationships led to me feeling overwhelmed most of the time. I turned to chardonnay and worked longer hours as my coping strategy. This led to me feeling even more fatigue, negative self-evaluation for drinking too much, and problems in my most important relationships. In short, I had to find a new approach.

The irony was this was all happening while I was studying to become a Psychologist in the workplace, so I knew what I was doing was unhealthy. I had no excuse.

What turned things around for me was getting my letter from the Psychology registration board, saying I was now a registered Psychologist, free to start working with clients. As I read the letter, I felt shame and an imposter. If I was to help other leaders improve their well-being and their workplaces, I needed to start with myself first. My first step, was to stop drinking. In November 2023, I hit my 5-year anniversary of being alcohol-free. And I have never looked back.

My next step was a deep dive into leadership wellbeing research, which lead to creating my first evidenced-based coaching program, that has continue to get incredible results for leaders and leadership teams. It was so so successful, I wrote a book about it!  My book and programs have proven to help so many other leaders move out of unhealthy strategies and habits to be resilient, confident, high-performing, happy, healthy leaders.

My hope is you will join me and others experiencing similar challenges to you in my next private group program.

Don’t just take my word for it – read what my clients have had to say!

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As a Leader there is no doubt you are navigating unprecedented challenges resulting in greater pressure and expectations, and fear you won’t succeed.

There is a way to navigate out of this storm, through 7 proven steps based on the neuroscience of how to be a Happy Healthy Leader.

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