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Humour in a pandemic?

By May 12, 0202September 12th, 2022No Comments

When we are feeling overwhelmed how good does it feel to have a good belly laugh?
Today I am giving you the last two steps in how to get through a crisis based on Winston Churchill’s successful model. These last two are Humour and Embody the change.
We all know that humour and laughter is a great medicine for when we feel stress.
I am not suggesting we should make light of things, but even in the darkest moments of grief, having a good chuckle is a very normal and a healthy response.  
Find things that are happening around you or with your people that you can laugh at. You may have seen that video circulating of the girl on a Zoom conference unaware she could be seen going to the loo. I really felt for her by the way. Some of us have had to resort to home grooming, for example cutting hair or in my case, exterminating those chin hairs that seem to appear overnight with some of their mates. I decided to use a hair removal cream. Instead, I am pretty sure I got a free chemical peel in the process! 
You may have other stories where people have had some mishaps due to having to adapt. I have seen some hilarious video calls where people’s young children have tried to take over. 
It’s okay to laugh at the moment.
And the second and final tip…
Embody the change
Become the symbol to lead your people through this.
Churchill said to his people during World War II, “you are the lion and I am the roar.” He was known for being outspoken towards anyone against his efforts to protect his people. If you have been watching what has been happening in New York, you could describe the people of New York as the lion, and the Governor, Andrew Cuomo as the ‘roar’. He has been sharing the reality of what has been happening there, while making it very clear that his number one focus is to take care of his state, his people.
Try this…
Make it a goal to fix or resolve one of the key issues your team has raised. Even if it is small.  
I heard of one organisation giving their team members a $60 Aldi voucher to buy a coffee pod machine and milk frother from Aldi for their home. They had to go 50/50 but it came about because some team members did not live near cafes that were open. While more stores or shops might start to open up soon, there may be other examples like this you could implement.
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Margie Ireland, Director of Connect-Inspire-Transform,  works with CEO’s, executives, HR professionals, managers and leaders. Margie is a Psychologist with a strong commercial background of 25 years and specialises in supporting highly capable leaders to thrive in challenging times.