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Why it is a relief to avoid change

By June 4, 2016September 12th, 2022No Comments

Well….I know some days that is how I feel. Some days it does feel easier to go the trodden path. However even when I have decided to go after a professional or personal goal that is important to me, why is it so hard even when it is something I want to achieve or be? At a biological level, the trodden path is the neural pathway I have developed in my brain, through genetics, experience and behaviour repetition. Going after my new work goal or behaviour, requires building a new neural pathway. So when we decide to go a new direction we are literally creating a new path and map in our brain. Okay…phew…so that explains that, but so what… does that mean it gets easier?  Yes it does.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this.
This short, and straight forward video eloquently explains why we sometimes avoid going after what is important to us, referred to as experiential avoidance. This shows up in professional and executive coaching…alot.  Most of the people I work with revaluate their values at work, and what is important to them. And even though they achieve this clarity, actually going after it can be tough. This video explains how developing a concept called psychological flexibility, can help you achieve your goals. Hopefully this will provide some insights as to why this can be difficult and more importantly how you can work towards your values, and have a more meaningful and successful career. My evidenced-based framework incorporates the concepts presented here. I hope it is of value. Warmly, Margie.