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The Prosperous Mind Workshop – NEW!

By August 31, 2016September 12th, 2022No Comments

Is this you or your team?

  • Experiencing increased stress due to internal or external pressures or change 
  • Individual performance is tracking downwards
  • Willingness to lift performance is high, just don’t know how 
  • Leaders are reactive and not proactive 
  • Absenteeism and / or presenteeism has increased 

The Prosperous Mind
3 hour Workshop
What you will learn: 

  • How our mind influences our ability to achieve what is important to us.
  • How mindful actions = flexible and expansive thinking = increased quality of professional and personal relationships.
  • What techniques can assist you to accept negative or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings at work and home.
  • What techniques switch on the part of our brain that manages considered and logical thought.
  • How increased attention and focus = increased prosperous professional success.

What will happen in class? 

  • Your instructor explain the theory behind what holds us back in achieving more professional prosperity
  • You will learn the purpose and benefits of how to achieve a Prosperous Mind.
  • Your team will participate in team building activities that will help them understand their individual barriers and accelerators of success
  • You will then be provided several evidence-based strategies to work towards a more Prosperous Mind.
  • You will get to practice 3 Prosperous Mind activities and receive an information sheet with other activities you can use at work or home. 

All attendees receive a workbook of activities and strategies they will continue to use.