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Change….it’s hard….here is why

By March 25, 2017September 12th, 2022No Comments

Book excerpt:
Evolve Your Brain – The Science of Changing Your Mind – Joe Dispenza
In Joe’s book he explains why people repeat the same negative behaviours, how to break the cycle and how to open yourself up to the new possibilities.  Those of you who have worked with me, will be familiar with these ideas.
Ask, “Who am I? What are my repetitive thoughts? If thoughts have anything to do with my future, and I keep getting the same future, I have to start examining my thoughts. I have to start examining my thinking, my attitude.

  • What would I have to change about myself to be a success?
  • What areas do I still have problems? I need to be honest.
  • Where am I limited? How do I change it?

And then ask yourself the question, “What would it be like to be happy? What would it be like to be successful?”
By doing this you are foregoing your normal way of thinking and you’re speculating possibilities. That’s what the frontal lobe of your brain loves to do. It loves to speculate opportunities. It will begin to cool off the circuits you normally use and begin to reorganise your past knowledge and experience to formulate a new way of being.
Now if you ask those questions every single day and you begin to rehearse yourself as this new person, thinking about what it would be like, thinking about what you have to change, thinking about where you fall from grace, thinking about what limits your genius, thinking about where you’re not telling the truth in your life. What things are stopping you. You begin to organise that type of thinking. That’s rehearsal.
If you did it every single day, it would begin to organise those patterns and sequences together, mend or formulate new neural networks in your brain that would then make it easier for you to be that person during your normal day, instead of the unconscious person living by those habituations. But this is uncomfortable at first.
That’s the definition of genius, being uncomfortable and being okay with it. That’s genius.
Here is a PDF version of the information above. I hope this was of value to you.