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Mindfulness: Your daily Vitamin for Achieving More

By September 12, 2017September 12th, 2022No Comments

This has to be the one of the most effective and cheapest “interventions” I have found to help us achieve more.


  • Builds resilience

  • Removes us from past and future worry

  • Increases sharpness and focus

  • Decreases stress and worry

  • Switches on our “Smart Brain” 

  • Enables us to move towards what is important to us, faster

  • And even reverses ageing!

In a recent Catalyst interview Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an 8 week course of Mindfulness.  He undergoes a rigorous range of brain tests and scans to prove that this particular type of Mindfulness (Mindful Meditation) lives up to the hype!  Link below.
There are now many free Mindfulness apps available to get you started. These are very good for all levels,  from first time beginner to a regular.  My favourite is Simple Habit.
Note, if Meditation isn’t your thing – no problem. Try this fun technique which uses a similar technique to Mindfulness of noticing negative thoughts.  
Mindfulness can be done in many many ways too. There will be activities you are doing every day that you can make Mindful.  For example cooking, cleaning, showering, walking.  Next time you do any of these, notice when your mind drifts away from what you are doing, and bring it back. Particularly when you are worrying about something from the past or future. You can’t change the past, and anything can happen between now and whatever it is you are worrying about. It may never happen.  Mindfulness is as much about being in the moment. Right here, right now.
Send me an email margie@margieireland.com if you would like to know more about how this ancient tradition is rocking the corporate world, and can you help you or your teams achieve more.
I hope this information was of value. 

Margie Ireland | Leadership Coach & Psychologist

Catalyst Interview – Mindfulness