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Do people in your organisation leave because of their Manager?

By September 5, 2018September 12th, 2022No Comments

Leadership Coaching and Career Coaching Tip

Most research suggests the #1 reason people quit is a bad relationship with their Manager or an organisation’a Leadership. 

In my past career in recruitment I would have to agree! 



For some people this is because they have a poor or non-existent relationship with the person they report to and don’t feel valued. This is what I often hear:

“I don’t get recognised for my hard work and sacrifices”.

“I love my job but I avoid my Manager”.

“I can’t relate to the company values and some behaviours and so I just avoid difficult conversations as I hate conflict and need this job”.

“My Leader is never around and often reschedules my catch-ups which makes me  feel unvalued”.

If this sounds like you, or people in your organisation you are not alone! Sadly, common. However there are some things that are in a person’s control to may improve their experience and relationship with their Manager or Leadership team.

Rather than putting the responsibility onto your Manager or Leaders to change, how about shifting yours or others perspective and thinking? Remember that famous definition of insanity….keep doing what we have always done and get what?

So if you have people that:

  • Are “in your office” a lot, complaining about their manager;
  • Like or need the job;
  • Are a good performer that you can’t afford to lose;
  • Find the work interesting…….. but don’t like their Manager and or Leader

Then pass on these 3 Steps.

Leadership Coaching Step 1 – CONNECT

Connect with your thoughts. Are they saying “This isn’t fair” or “She or he is unreasonable” or “He or she isn’t accountable”. Notice how that thinking makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if the statement is true or not, but by constantly focusing on that, what impact does this have on your mindset for the day? Is it possible you are passing blame or being a victim to your own thinking? And is your thinking fact or assumption? Maybe there is another perspective you are not seeing at the moment due to your current thinking getting in the way.

Leadership Coaching Step 2 – INSPIRE

Who do you aspire to be in your professional world? Is it someone who focussed on the negative in others, blames, defends or avoids? Or is it someone who can move towards difficult conversations or tasks with courage? How can your values inspire you to behave towards what is important to you?

Leadership Coaching Step 3 – TRANSFORM

Write down what could be a small step “towards” your Manager or Leader. It could even be a  micro-step. Some examples are:

  • Listen to your Leader in a meeting when you would prefer to look at your device or wish you were on a beach. Notice when you mind drifts off, and bring it back. You may miss the most important thing you need to hear that day, or the part of your Leader’s message that is actually important to you.
  • Write that report you think is a waste of time and then ask your Manager/Leader about their view on the report. Maybe they think it is a waste of time too! Maybe they need to speak to their Leader!
  • For others it might be time to ask your boss to meet and discuss your concerns. The first time you make this step, it is likely to provoke some fear or discomfort. However the more often you do this, difficult conversations transform to inspired, problem solving conversations.

The more you practice making moves towards your values, the easier it will become and can transform your relationship with your Leader.

I hope these steps are of value.


If you feel you need to investigate a Manager / Leader’s approach, I offer a free Better Leader Barometer which will help identify any gaps in their style.  If you would like to use the scale simply book a 15 minute time here so I can explain how it works and send it to you.

Or if you have some specific questions about how you can transform your relationships at work, Contact me here or Book a free 30 minute consult here

I hope this was of value and you are having a Prosperous year so far,

Warmly, Margie Ireland
Leadership Coaching