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How is your team @ work similar to an Olympic team?

By September 8, 2018September 12th, 2022No Comments

Leadership Coaching & Career Coaching Tip

In 2011, 13 National Performance Directors of Olympic Sport were interviewed with regard to best practice in Performance Coaching and Leadership Coaching in elite sport (Fletcher & Arnold, 2011).
Four main areas were identified:
Vision – Operations – People – Culture

  • The main vision issues were vision development, influences on the vision, and sharing the vision.
  • The main operations issues were financial management, strategic competition and training planning, athlete selection for competition, and upholding rules and regulations.
  • The main people issues were staff management, lines of communication, and feedback mechanisms.
  • The main culture issues were establishing role awareness, and organisational and team atmosphere.

When I find research like this, I can see how an Olympic team has the same challenges as any team in your organisation. It also makes sense why some organisations have recognised how much can be learnt from implementing strategies used by Olympic sports teams to be the best.
A question.  When a person demonstrates potential to be a professional athlete what is the most common first strategy implemented?
Answer: A coach.
So now think about your organisation. What do you when you recognise talent? Have you thought about engaging Leadership Coaching for an individual or team?
What I have noticed is that some people assume that a Performance or Leadership coaching is ONLY engaged when there is a problem or gap in performance.  Almost like it is a “secret”.
Some Trivia – Origin of the word Coach came from 15thCentury Hungary when described as “moving people forward”.
Therefore as a Leadership Coach I see my role (regardless of the context of the engagement), is to move that person forward towards better outcomes resulting in greater performance.  Therefore engaging with a coach could mean, you are recognising (or being recognised) as having the potential to move forward as an Olympian in your field. Something to think about?
I had the opportunity 2 years ago to provide Career and Leadership coaching for an actual elite sportsperson and Coach. It was such an interesting and rich experience. You can see his recommendation on my LinkedIn Profile here. This is what he had to say which I was quite chuffed with:

“Margie Ireland is an exceptional career coach who is able to give the right advice that advances your thinking, re-shapes your status quo towards impactful change and provides tools that equip you for the journey ahead. Margie cares! She is genuine and wants the best for you. She makes a difference! I’d recommend Margie to anyone who wants caring, constructive advice that guides you to a better future!”  Scott Draper

If you would like to consider how a Performance or Leadership Coach could “move your people” forward to greater performance or get a copy of this paper email me here or Book a free initial 30 minute consult here
I hope this information is of value and you are having a Prosperous 2018.

Warmly, Margie Ireland
Leadership Coach | Workplace Psychologist