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3 steps to redefine your “Brand” & Value Proposition

By September 24, 2018November 7th, 2022No Comments

Leadership Coaching and Career Coaching Tip

I worked for many years in Recruitment prior to entering my Psychology studies.  I conducted many, many candidate interviews and a common statement was “I know I need to do something different, but don’t know where to start”. More recently as a Leadership Coach I hear “I am being overlooked for Leadership or Executive promotions and don’t know how to “sell” what I have to offer”.

Here is a simple, 3 step exercise to uncover strengths, interests, and opportunities to redefine value and brand proposition and transform professional possibilities.

This connect the circles exercise is more effective if you have someone help you, such as a trusted colleague, previous boss, family member or coach (I had to say that!). I have seen this done with 5 circles, however I find using 3 is simpler and just as effective.

  1. Draw 3 overlapping circles like below. On the left draw a circle “I am good at”, on the right draw an overlapping circle “I like doing” and then a third circle what are the job roles I would like to do, or know pay the bills.  Then beside or in each circle write a list with the answers to each question. In looking at your chart, does something come to mind that lives in the centre (4)? If nothing comes to mind, that’s okay, keep coming back to it. You have now started a process in your brain to bring attention to what might “live” in the centre.  Put it aside once you have completed the next steps.  I have had many clients have light bulb moments of ideas, often when doing something quite mundane.

2. Next, consider who has inspired you in your working life? Who did you enjoy working with the most and why?  When you look back on your career story, when and where were you inspired the most? When did you know you did great work and felt fantastic about it.  This step helps to start accessing your values. Write these people or places next to your circles on the left, and any values that are identified on the right.

3. Make sure you have a pen ready for this step. Ask the person you did the exercise with, what does my chart say about what I bring?  If this person had to summarise your chart into a 30 second commercial about you, what would they say?  Start writing!

When I do this exercise with clients they are often scrambling for a pen and saying “What did you say again!?”, and it never seems as good the second time. First responses often have the gems.  If you are doing this exercise on your own, summarise your chart into 25 words or less in third person.

Now you have a new brand message.

Lastly, refine your brand message (sometimes called your elevator pitch) and transform this to life. For example, use at your next networking or social event.  Even ask for some feedback.  See what needs tweaking, and then start using it in your next career conversation be it for a promotion or job interview.

I have done this exercise many times when I used to do lots of career transition work, and now I do it with Managers, Leaders, Organisational Development specialists and teams to identify gaps in individuals and teams potential.
What I find very interesting about this activity is often what we are good at, is not showing up in what we like doing.  This is important to note, as it may mean you or team members are not tapping into natural talents and values. The longer this goes on, the greater the risk of low performance, resignations and sometimes burnout.
Give it a go.  Please email me what showed up