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Why your “Future You” has more time

By August 2, 2019September 12th, 2022No Comments

Have you noticed that your “Future You” seems to have more time to do what is important to you?

For example your “Future You”…
….can get to the gym more often (for some reason only in January and February)
…has less debt and doesn’t sweat the small stuff
…is on top of the to do list and is effortlessly getting done
…is calm under pressure
…fits into your “back to the future” denims
…And has achieved all those goals you came up with last Christmas at the beach, or in the mountains or snow.
…Future You is just so fabulous.

So why is future you so fabulous? My theory is, we need something positive to focus on when what is happening in the present isn’t so fabulous. I get it, I do the same.
But why does future you seem to always be in the future? Think back to last year or even last Christmas. What promises did you make to yourself about yourself?  How many of those have you completed…or even started?
I decided to stop drinking alcohol 8 months ago.
To be honest I only planned on doing it for 30 days, then it became 90 days and then I decided I wanted to see what my “future you”  looked like after not drinking for 12 months.
What is so interesting is that by making that commitment to my future, by not drinking I actually feel like my “future you” showed up a month or so ago. I feel amazing. And if I really thought about it, my future you probably started the first day I decided not to drink.
Folks, your Future You is NOW.
How can you expect your future you to show up if you are not changing things up now? Yes, I bet now isn’t the right time for you. I bet you could come up with 10 reasons why today isn’t the day. I also have no doubt that life is complicated, overly busy, and maybe even a bit messy right now (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this for some ideas on how to change that).
Future you is now. You are fabulous now.  Do something now that your Future You would be proud of. And do it today! 

If you need help getting to your Future You sooner, I can help.

I hope this information has been of value. I believe most people desire to reach their potential. My passion is to help as many as I can achieve this, so more of us can have greater prosperity in our work and lives. If you share this belief and passion please spread the word and this post.