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Overcoming Overwhelm – Part 1

By April 2, 2020September 12th, 2022No Comments

Feel like you’re working harder during this pandemic than you did before?
I don’t know about you, but since moving to doing all my meetings and sessions by video conference I am feeling more tired than when I used to get in my car and travel. I have had other clients say they feel the same way. I am hearing that leaders are working longer hours because they are able to log on as soon as they are awake, and keep going till dark or far later.  
Not having a break by having to get ready for work and travel means our minds are not getting a break either. So it is no wonder we are all feeling more tired and a sense of overload or overwhelm.
The great news is, there are some easy fixes for overwhelm. 
Try this…
Firstly, it is really important you keep some of your old routines. For example, exercise at the same time, walk the dog, have breakfast, a shower and brush your teeth. Maybe you can still stay in your PJ’s, well the bottoms anyway! 
You can still do most of what you would normally do in the morning. This puts your mind into gear for work.
Secondly, follow a work schedule either on paper or electronically that may need to include breaks for kids. 
In a previous article I gave you a great tip on how to negotiate boundaries with kids and people you live with while working from home.  Include in your work schedule, a 5 minute break between each video meeting, just as you would at work. You would probably walk from a meeting room to your desk or your car. 
In this break, down tools and walk outside…. 
Count how many cars drive past, or go and play with your kids if this is what you have agreed or play with your pet for five minutes, get a glass of water or cuppa. 
Do this even if you are not feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
It creates what I call mind bench strength for when you might need it later! 
Lastly, see if you can set your workspace to stand and sit. I invested in a standup desk from Officeworks and can I tell you it is the best money I have spent in the past few weeks! It was so easy to set up and I just have to press a lever which moves my laptop and screen up as I stand. Very good for your posture and if you are in the middle of a meeting and feeling overwhelmed, just standing up or sitting down can help reset. 
So right now, stop and down tools. 
Stand up, go for a walk and come back and set that schedule. There is no time like the present!