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Being visible while working remotely

By April 7, 2020September 12th, 2022No Comments

Feeling invisible in your work environment? 
Working remotely may mean you feel you are not as visible to your team, your peers, executive team and, or board. This can be very frustrating if before the pandemic you were hoping to be recognised for a promotion, a raise or the value you bring. This is because we are missing out on those informal opportunities to have a casual chat as we strategically walk past a person we want to impress with an idea, or those opportunities before and after a meeting starts where you get to put in an extra few words. Further, if you are more of an introvert, the thought of having to be proactive using videoconferencing may just be a little too much for you. While you know it is important to still be visible.
Try this…
Tip 1:
Think about what issues are being raised around the business at the moment. What seems to be a common concern or thread? If you have an internal messaging system, start a discussion around this issue and ask for input. Make sure you invite those people to the chat that you want to be visible to. Doing this means you will be seen as leading an important discussion. 
Tip 2:
This is for those of you who want to be more visible to your team and upper Management. I have mentioned a few times throughout my articles about the importance of transparency to reduce fear and anxiety amongst your team. This tip will also help…
Ask some of your upper management if they would be open to participating in a Q&A session over the next few weeks where people can ask questions, raise concerns. You can facilitate the session by directing the questions to your panel so it isn’t just a free-for-all discussion that gets out of control or loses focus.
This is an opportunity for you to lead an important discussion by helping your people, to be visible and seen as being helpful. Even the mere step of suggesting this approach will make you more visible. You may have other ideas that are more relevant to your business but the premise is the same… The key is to be seen as being proactive and coming up with ways to keep people connected and visible. Including you!

Margie Ireland works with CEO’s, executives, HR professionals, managers and leaders. Margie is a Psychologist with a strong commercial background of 25 years and specialises in supporting highly capable leaders to thrive in challenging times.