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How to manage stress and anxiety in you and your team

By April 19, 2020September 12th, 2022No Comments

In my last blog I talked about how to keep your team engaged. From a recent survey of leaders about their concerns during this pandemic, One of the top responses was concern about how to the manage stress and anxiety that is coming up as a result of this pandemic. 
Stress and anxiety if not managed effectively negatively impacts team engagement and focus.
This is a real concern because most of us are having to deal with working from home, maybe with kids at home, worried about family members and if they will have employment or a business in the short and long term. 
I hear you. 
My business has taken a hit due to not being able to do group workshops, and my 15 year old step son has had more screen time than I am proud of.  With all this extra stress, our anxiety and stress levels are going to rise. 
Stress is a normal response when we are being threatened – we get taken back to millions of years ago, as though we’re looking for dinner and suddenly a lion sees us as dinner. We automatically go into flight, fright, fight response and react. Often these reactions we regret later.  
Being stuck in one spot can intensify this.  
Try this…
When you start to feel stressed, down tools immediately. Walk outside of your space, ideally outside. Look at what is in front of you. 
Can you see other houses, a road, trees, offices? 
What do you see?  
Take 3 slow deep breaths, in for 3 and out for 3. 
If you have a pet, pat it on the way back to wherever you were working and get a glass of water on the way. This practice resets your brain from reactivity to proactivity.
Get your team to do it. Perhaps suggest they do it immediately after your tap-tap meeting mentioned in yesterday’s blogHow to keep your team engaged during this pandemicso they can find something to look at that would help them reset.
It may sound simple but it is very effective. 
If you do this each and every time you find this happening, and allow time to focus and reset, you and your team will actually get more done. It will help you manage your stress or anxiety and avoid losing out elsewhere in your life. Do this over the next 24 hours as many times as you need.  
Tomorrow I am going to bring you another helpful strategy to assist with helping you or your team focus. 

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