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Leadership and having control in uncertain times – part 2

By April 19, 2021September 12th, 2022No Comments

Yesterday my article Leadership and having control in uncertain times – part 1 talked about the first example about what is in our control – getting and or keeping a growth mindset.
So what else can you control?
The second thing you have control over is your schedule…. Hear me out on this one, even if you’re thinking it’s out of your control…
With most of us working from home, you may have more control over your schedule or to do list as its harder for people to walk up to your desk, interrupt or distract you. If this isn’t you, and you feel you have less control over your schedule, I hear you.
Either way, when you are faced with having to adjust how you normally work, that feels out of your control what can help is to focus your attention on one thing – the most important thing you need to achieve. For CEO’s and Executives and other busy leaders, I get it – doing only one thing will not be enough- but in challenging times bringing focus on the most important one thing that cannot be overlooked can help centre your focus.
What is the one thing you can set for yourself today? Or, if you are watching this in the evening, what is one thing you will do tomorrow? Maybe something you have been avoiding and it would feel amazing to get completed… 
Make an agreement with yourself on this now. Setting the intention and achieving it will help you gain a sense of control where you may not feel a lot right now. 
What is your one thing? Write it down now. 

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