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Women on the Executive = Better financial results

By September 7, 2021March 31st, 2022No Comments

According to a WGEA and ABS study, only 18.3% of CEOs and 32.5% of key management personnel are women. There are many reasons for this however providing more inclusive and supportive workplaces where female leaders can thrive can add significant benefits to your company

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre in partnership with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency over five years also uncovered the financial benefits to having women represented in Senior and Executive roles.

The research demonstrated that increasing the representation of women across each of the key leadership roles in an organisation added market value of between $52m and $70m per year for an average sized organisation. These findings are statistically significant, meaning the association between women in leadership and business performance is causal.

How are you supporting & encouraging more female leadership in your company?

If you want to, don’t know how or need more help with your male executive to change their approach, lets chat.

Full article on the report here

I hope this is helpful.

Margie Ireland

Leadership Expert | Psychologist (MAPS)