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How do you manage underperforming Leaders over Christmas break?

By November 23, 2023November 25th, 2023No Comments

Hmmm… its tricky isn’t it? No one wants to be the Grinch CEO or MD who has the ‘performance conversation’ on the eve of Christmas, or worst case, end employment. While, many businesses cannot afford to carry people over December/January who are not performing. So what can you do?


First of all, I cant solve all of it here, in a short post, while I will give you a starting point.


You need to have that difficult conversation, while you can do it in a way that serves your values, the values of the organisation and is constructive to the leader.


Here are 3 questions to get the conversation started:

1. What has been your greatest achievement this year, and why?

2. What has been your greatest challenge this year, and why?

3. What plans do you have in place to support your success and better manage (challenge) for next year?


These kinds of questions encourage the employee to reflect, while be accountable. This will also give you an insight into how much self-awareness they have around their challenges, so that you know how to pick up the conversation in the new year.

Hope these are helpful.

Warmly, Margie

P.S. If you need some with help with this, drop me a line. I work with a lot of leaders around these conversations.

Margie Ireland

Leadership Coach | Registered Psychologist | Author | Speaker

Margie Ireland is the author of The Happy Healthy Leader – how to achieve your potential even during a crisis. Margie is a registered Psychologist, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator, highly sought after to help Leaders and their teams navigate stress and change with healthier coping strategies, leading to happier, healthier and high-performing teams.