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Are you unhappy with your relationship with alcohol?

By December 14, 2023No Comments

Are you unhappy with your relationship with alcohol? I know I was 5 years ago.

Back then, chardonnay was my stress coping strategy, when I think I may have actually also been burnt out. Juggling working, studying and 2 step-kids brought many challenges, and I needed a parachute in the evenings to give me some relief. Those who have read my book, The Happy Healthy Leader – how to achieve your potential even during a crisis, would know this about me.

However, it works…right? Yes, and no. Yes it relaxes us, but it would be considered an unhealthy coping strategy. When it becomes a need over something you once enjoyed, it is no longer an effective way to manage stress. I found it started to have more negative impacts, such as always feeling tired. This would sometimes lead to me saying things in the heat of the moment, because I was either tired, seedy or annoyed with myself for needing it.

So how did I change my relationship with alcohol?

I read Annie Grace’s book – This Naked Mind and then enrolled in one her very affordable online programs. Here is a link to her programs.

Annie shares her own personal struggles with alcohol when she was working as a senior marketing executive. Balancing lots of travel, raising a young family and her relationship with her husband. What I discovered was I was caught up in the myths around how alcohol was the only way to socialise and to feel relaxed. Annie brings together the science and the marketing machine behind alcohol, which made it really easy for me to start a new relationship with alcohol. For me, that was stopping all together. This may be different for you.

My hope is you have the same success I have had, which is to live a life that doesn’t depend on it.

Warmly, Margie

Margie Ireland is the author of The Happy Healthy Leader – how to achieve your potential even during a crisis. Margie is a registered Psychologist, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator, highly sought after to help Leaders and their teams navigate stress and change with healthier coping strategies, leading to happier, healthier and high-performing teams. For more information visit www.margieireland.com