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Benefits of Managing up Well

By March 30, 2024No Comments

The Benefits of Managing up Well

Managing up, well, can lead to so many positive outcomes and possibilities, and I reckon is in the top 3 issues for many leaders.

And most leaders are doing a bad job of it.

If you are my vintage, I was told that it was up to my manager to develop the relationship with me, or “suck up” or “suck it up”.

However, I have seen with my own eyes and through the eyes of the leaders I coach, that taking the lead on your relationship with your boss, leads to:

– Increase in trust, in fact can create an almost unbreakable trust

– Being prioritised, and getting your projects, ideas, issues dealt with sooner

– Brought into decisions being made more often

– Promotions

– Pay rises with a lot less headache

– Greater visibility at their level or above..

there are probably more.

How do you do this?

When was the last time you asked your boss how they were doing? Or how you could make their life easier? Start here.

Start taking a genuine curiosity in what is keeping them up at night. This will open up new conversations, and a different and closer relationship with your boss.

Warmly, Margie

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Margie Ireland is the author of The Happy Healthy Leader – how to achieve your potential even during a crisis. She is a registered Psychologist, Leadership Coach and Workshop Facilitator. Margie is highly regarded for helping Leaders and their teams navigate stress and change with healthier coping strategies, leading to happier, healthier and high-performing teams.